Naruto 396

Tobi leaves before Kakashi and the others can follow. Hinata focuses her Byakugan at the area above where Itachi and Sasuke lie, noting that the forest is burning in black flames. Tobi arrives to where Itachi and Sasuke are, commenting on how slow Zetsu is. Tobi wonders if he had recorded everything and he has. Before leaving, Tobi announces that he has to take Itachi’s body immediately. Naruto and company reach the border of the forest but are unable to enter due to Itachi’s last technique, Ametarsu. Yamato uses his jutsu to create a pathway for the group to get in, however, he has to stay outside. Naruto and the others find that both Itachi and Sasuke’s body are no longer there. Sasuke wakes up in a dark-lit room. Tobi appears from the darkness and gets his attention by introducing himself as the “other” Uchiha survivor. By getting Sasuke even more interested, Tobi declares that he shall tell him the truth about Uchiha Itachi.

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