Naruto 397 - The Man Who Knows The Truth

Madara tells Sasuke that he will tell him the truth about Itachi and Sasuke’s shocked eyes meets with Madara’s. Suddenly, black blood starts dripping from Sasuke’s eyes and Madara’s shoulder is lit in Amaterasu flames. He falls back into the darkness and Sasuke is thrown into confusion, not knowing where this power came from. Madara emerges from the tunnel which he fell in and places his mask back over his face. He explains that just before Itachi died, he had equipped all his eye techniques into Sasuke, noting how Itachi poked his forehead before collapsing unconscious. Madara says that this was a means to protect Sasuke from Madara and that his eye will now instantly react if it recognizes Madara’s eyes. Sasuke demands Madara to stop screwing around with him but Madara reassures him that he is the one who had helped Itachi destroy the Uchiha clan that night. He goes on to tell him that Sasuke needs to know the real Itachi who did everything to protect the Shinobi world, the Leaf Village, and especially his little brother.


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